For more than a decade, I’ve been arguing with would-be “progressive” revolutionaries who don’t understand the nature of their dilemma. Despite the best of intentions and common sense policies for the country, the enemies of all they hold dear wield absolute power across the spectrum. The electoral math is very […]

No More Revolutionaries

The person I feel most sorry for this election season is Hillary Clinton. Yet again, a relative unknown on the national stage has emerged from her perceived left to capture the hearts and imagination of an American public hungry for authenticity. Claiming to be an able administrator of the Empire can’t create […]

Bernie for President

I am sure the actions of the republican party (and their more vocal supporters) since President Obama took office comes as little surprise to the democratic faithful. “Liberals” constantly have their worst opinions of “conservatives” confirmed by those at the highest levels of the party apparatus as well as those […]

Grand (dad’s) Old Party

It still amazes me how little the democratic party faithful understand the opportunity presented by President Obama's election in 2008 with the first governing majority in a generation.  Democrats, republicans and independents lined up for hours to hear the man...

A Man for Our Times

America remains in turmoil, our civic identities wrapped up in the dysfunctional activities of a largely unaccountable plutocracy who rarely voice opinions reflective of our own. Words used interchangeably provide an oversimplification of the average American's political beliefs.  Liberal equals Progressive....

The Mob Rules

The men who wrote the Constitution had a pretty straightforward plan to Provide for the Common Defense.   Most new Americans viewed a standing army as a source of oppressive behavior at home and misanthropic behavior abroad, so opted for state militias and a navy...

Recrossing the Rubicon

I am happy to note that President Barack Obama continues to concentrate his political message on the idea that the left and right halves of American society, embodied mostly by a dysfunctional and partisan Congress but also at the grassroots...

Pax Americana