Bernie for President

The person I feel most sorry for this election season is Hillary Clinton.

Yet again, a relative unknown on the national stage has emerged from her perceived left to capture the hearts and imagination of an American public hungry for authenticity. Claiming to be an able administrator of the Empire can’t create the same zeal as a candidacy promising to transform the way we do business from stem to stern.

Bernie Sanders couldn’t be more different from Barack Obama yet such a perfect person to follow in the president’s footsteps. All those things Bernie’s critics find offensive, I believe are essential to transforming Washington DC. His long tenure in Congress as both a representative and a senator gives him a unique advantage as president.

He’s smart enough to know the first thing he needs is a new Congress on both sides of the aisle. Should Bernie win the democratic primaries and then the presidency, watch for a bully pulpit performance unseen since FDR or JFK. His platform echoes the same progressive conservative ideals as Teddy and Ike, so he’ll enjoy crossover appeal.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be an enjoyable ride through November 2016.

No one can say America is boring or predictable.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

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