When the Tea Party flipped numerous “moderate” republican seats in the 2010 primary elections, America took an even harder turn to the right than it was already suffering under when ignorant, anti-government candidates made it through the fait accompli general election in November to become the largest freshman class in […]

Voting Doesn’t Matter

I am sure the actions of the republican party (and their more vocal supporters) since President Obama took office comes as little surprise to the democratic faithful. “Liberals” constantly have their worst opinions of “conservatives” confirmed by those at the highest levels of the party apparatus as well as those […]

Grand (dad’s) Old Party

The men who wrote the Constitution had a pretty straightforward plan to Provide for the Common Defense.   Most new Americans viewed a standing army as a source of oppressive behavior at home and misanthropic behavior abroad, so opted for state militias and a navy...

Recrossing the Rubicon

If you haven't seen Food, Inc. and still eat at fast food restaurants, you might want to ignore this blog or skip the trailer as neither will make that McBurger sit any easier.  The film was almost enough to make...

Food, Inc.

I recently saw your blog at TPMCafe. Having read some of your excellent posts, and the description of yourself, I'm very curious as to what a "Progressive Conservative" embodies? Given your impressively thoughtful posts, I am really interested to hear...

dear mr. miller,