The vast majority of America’s 20 million veterans consider their oath to the Constitution a lifetime commitment, not one that ends with their last enlistment or commission. The regressive forces on the right trying to yank us straight back to the 19th century should keep that fact top of mind. […]

Not On My Watch

Sitting here at two minutes to midnight, We The People need to have a serious discussion about our future as a nation. Or rather the lack thereof. We’ve long passed the point where the twin infections of civic apathy and partisan politics became a fatal pathogen to the American body politic. […]

Are You Not Entertained?

A GOP long dominated by neocons and libertarians made a deal with the devil in 2010 to recapture the House of Representatives and hamstring a hugely-popular President Barack Obama. The same strange bedfellows took back the Senate two years later, even as Obama handily won reelection against a central casting […]

Neocons vs Trumpcons

Back in the dark days of September 2008, just after Sarah Palin was revealed as John McCain's running mate, the grassroots foot soldiers in the change campaign went into a tailspin seemingly overnight.  I was a little off in the final...

Holding Fast

Back during the heated days of the presidential primary race, just after I moved to Barack Obama when my first choice Dennis Kucinich dropped out, the whole "Obamabot" thing was born through the steadfast insistence of Hillary's more creative supporters. ...