A Man for Our Times

It still amazes me how little the democratic party faithful understand the opportunity presented by President Obama’s election in 2008 with the first governing “majority” in a generation.

Democrats, republicans and independents lined up for hours to hear the man speak during the primaries, rewarding his common sense appraisal of our nation’s challenges and potential solutions to those problems with a chance to face John McCain in the fall.  That same multifaceted coalition elected Barack Obama with nearly 53% of the vote come November.

The president recently spoke to the Business Roundtable in Washington DC, a brilliant speech that was lost in the political circus at Blair House the following day.

If you took the time to check out the video, you will see why I am still convinced that President Barack Obama is the perfect leader for this turbulent time of transition and has found a way to position progress in a straightforward and common sense fashion that should still resonate with mainstream conservatives outside the beltway echo chamber.

He also offers a road-map for liberals when discussing politics with fellow citizens who need to become former enemies if we are all to have a chance at long-term success.

The man may not be the perfect ideological warrior that some on the left had hoped he would become in contrast to the campaign he waged and won, but I still believe he can inspire a nation to lay down their rhetorical weapons for the first time in decades should the democratic grassroots give him half a chance to implement his plans.

We already know that the capering fools in Congress won’t make any significant changes.  They will continue to play political theater as long as We The People let them get away with it.

We are the primogenitor in a representative republic and absent a massive renaissance at the grassroots spurred by political moderates of all stripes and enforced during the primary elections, I am convinced this opportunity will pass us by as if Barack Obama had never existed with our lizard brains still firmly in control of the ship of state.

It is an unfortunate fact that changing this nation has always rested solely in the hands of the American citizen, no matter how talented the leader we put at the top or how assiduously we avoid our responsibility at the bottom.

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