Your Comment has been Deleted by the “Bad Word” Filter – The Huffington Post Clamps Down on Spicy Commentary 6

I officially take back every bad thing I have said about TPM, though I still think it would be a no-brainer to tailor their Internet development strategy to be more responsive to requests by their members.  They should be turning out new functionality continually, not just answering questions about why things don’t work right or haven’t changed despite numerous posts on the subject.

Having said all that, I have never had a comment not post because I used some “bad words” in expressing myself like just happened at Huffington Post.  I most certainly never had it kick a comment out even when no such words were present.  What are those words?  Is there a list of the words?  Are they same as the seven Carlin pointed out?  Can such censorship ever apply to a medium such as the Internet?  How many people leaving your website does it take to realize this is a crappy policy?

At worst, I lost comments because I put too many links in it in making my often overly-long responses.  OK.  I get it.  If a comment needs a bunch of links just write a blog about it and quit clogging up threads with treatises.  I can actually see where that policy stimulates better content.

But “Your Comment has been Deleted by the ‘Bad Word’ Filer” is going beyond reasonable standards for adult-focused websites that focus mostly on politics and pop culture.  Face it.  Many Americans have dirty fucking mouths when they are pissed.  We have plenty to be pissed about.  Get over it.

It also reminded me why I left Huffington Post in the first place.  As much as I get fed up with certain TPM members, this place is heads and shoulders above what I see on HuffPost.  Even our dumbest trolls are Rhodes Scholars in comparison to most erudite comments and blogs on HuffPost.

My next blog will be in response to <a href=””>the lame Jason Linkins post that set me off in the first place.</A>  If that is what passes for astute political analysis by HuffPost’s paid staff these days, I’ll take our unpaid bloggers any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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