Wild, Wild West

Here’s a very simple way to fix this shit without a banning a single gun:

1. Mandatory background checks for ANY gun or ammo purchase from a registered dealer or even a private owner. Checks are deep and wide and can’t be gamed as they currently are. See the state of Colorado and how they fixed their background check issues. This system will have metrics built in to provide basic oversight for the nation’s “well-regulated militia” and its arsenal.

2. Once a person has passed an enhanced background check, they are obligated to take a basic firearms safety course at an approved gun range and pass a test that is logged with their background check and gun registration. This test and weapon verification are required every 5 years for all normal weapons like pistols or shotguns making it no more onerous than maintaining a driver’s license.

3. If someone wants to own a sniper rifle or an assault weapon, there are additional training and safety requirements. Every two years, the owner must retest and verify they maintain possession of their highly-dangerous weaponry.

4. Rinse and repeat until people aren’t getting mowed down in schools or concert venues.

You’re welcome.


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