The Commanders on the Ground

I am not sure how relevant it will be, but one quote leaped out at me from last night’s “debate” show.  It came near the end as each outlined their plans for Iraq and how they would differ from the Bush administration.  Forget that she didn’t really answer, again, since blaming the commanders is exactly what Bush has done since the war started.

This is how Palin capped her remarks:  “A McCain-Palin administration will take the war out of the hands of politicians and put it in the hands of the commanders on the ground where it belongs.”

That may not be an exact quote, but the context is correct.    I am sure the “Commanders on the Ground” are happy to know that no adult supervision will be forthcoming from the McCain-Palin administration.  They will be further pleased to know that President McCain intends on using them as media fodder to pursue idiotic, neoconservative strategies for another four years.  No more hoping that a new president might bring a renewed enthusiasm to exerting civilian control over our military forces.  Nope.  The Commanders on the Ground are on the job and Sarah trusts them win this war, gosh darn it!

Explaining why military members are supporting Obama six to one over McCain.

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