Mea Culpa

In the interests of keeping things civil, I would like to ask all of Hillary’s millions of fans to remember that my opinion of her is no reflection of my opinion about you.

I don’t even know you.

I may use harsh words, depending on what is being discussed, but I certainly have no reasons to feel have the same negative feelings about you as I do about Hillary Clinton.  She has a long record that I was  obliged to examine when she decided to run for president.  I cannot and will not vote for her based on that record.

Our difference of opinion about candidates doesn’t mean we have differing goals with regards to most policy decisions.

Don’t take my poor opinion of Hillary Clinton as an indictment of you, your relative level of intellectual capacity or as somehow being reflective of Barack Obama.  My obviously “flawed” opinion notwithstanding, Barack Obama has never failed to be a gentleman toward Senator Clinton.

So, having said my piece about both Clintons with what I felt was appropriate and fact-based language, I don’t see any reason why we can’t all be friends no matter who we support or who we will or will not vote for in the general election.

I will try to keep my criticisms focused on specific incidents rather than general impressions.  I will save my harshest words for only those most persistent and stubborn Trolls, whoever they may represent, but at all times will do my best to be as even-keeled as I am capable of being.  Still, subjective metrics will never be absolute.

We all deserve a better country, but must make due with what we are able to create.  I think we can create something wonderful if we maintain this current momentum beyond November.

I agree that it is all my fault if Hillary’s supporters agree to not desert their democratic ideals should Barack become the nominee.

Taking full responsibility is as much of an apology as I am able to muster.

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