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7 thoughts on ““I won’t have as much restraint with the republicans.”

  • jweb271

    This is a great tactic, one he should put into high gear.

    Say that I’m not going to trash Hillary, a respected member of my party, but I will tear McCain to shreds. I’ve done this well playing nice, imagine what I can do when I take the gloves off.

  • free patriot

    are we gonna be able to stop Barak Obama once he starts beating on mccain ???

    mccain is a “Target Rich Environment”

    his current wife is a CONVICTED thief and JUNKIE

    his current girlfriend is a lobbyist who can’t keep her mouth shut about the “influence” she has over her pet

    and mccain dumped his first wife for the greener pastures offered by the junkie-thief wife

    have I got that all straight ???

    and don’t even get me started on the pretzel-like bankrupt morality that this snakeoil salesman calls his “principles”

    once Obama starts on mccain, there aint gonna be a way to stop the horror

  • michelle

    i’m sorry but that response from obama does not fly. you get your arse trumped and stand their wilting. once all the talking heads start you start yelling well i did not fight in the debate but i will fight in the general. give me a break…he came off as a wimp noddle. just as he does here in illinois often by giving ground on all the issues. his whinning comes across like a wimp and john mccain will have him for breakfast. i am a woman and i see weakness and fear in his eyes in his response to the debate the other night as well and disbelief that someone would question him this way.

    as i said before this will be the first time in my life that my family will be voting republican if obama is the candidate. let’s hurry and get mccains four years over so that we can look for a new democrat to run.

    • boo_lala

      I guess you are not one of those women who is voting for Clinton–in any part–out of female solidarity. Otherwise, I can’t imagine how you could vote for a man who laughed when Clinton was called a b*tch and who called his own wife a c*nt in front of staffers.

      But if you’d rather have four years of more war, more tax breaks for the ultra-rich, more pro-lifers on the court, more deregulation of the banking industry, more executive power grabs, more torture and erosion of due process–rather than the horror of a man in whose eyes you saw “weakness and fear”–go ahead. But consider this: perhaps what you saw in his eyes was sadness and frustration that America may yet again be so mesmerized by the sideshow that they fail to notice their country is being looted.