Goodbye Twenty-Three Percenters 10

Remember how frustrating it has been over the last eight years to speak to obstinate Baby Bush supporters, the twenty-three percent of Americans who still approve of the guy?  Hillary has her own twenty percent crowd as well that is driving me insane.

They are quite easy to spot and they are always the same people with the same tired attacks.  They post the kind of stuff that instantly makes you utter epithets to an empty room.  Since speaking to some “Hillary” supporters is like pounding yourself in the head with a hammer, there comes a day when you realize that it  only feels good only when you stop.

This is me stopping.

I done responding to idiotic blogs and comments.  Most are either willfully (painfully) ignorant or purposely designed to stir up shit or are the product of stupidity so profound that no efforts on my part would ever make a bit of difference.

I asked for an “ignore” button which would have made it easier to manage such stupidity wholesale.  Since I can’t get an automatic tool, I will to do it manually.  I may not always resist the urge to correct bullshit, at least on my own blog posts, but I think I can resist commenting if someone else has already debunked it.

The main reason I need to not comment to certain threads is that I find it increasingly difficult to be civil with these people.  I would love nothing better than to unleash both barrels, but understand that does nothing for the long-term goals of seeing Barack elected and succeed as president.

I am beyond done trying to ignore their crap or take the high road or mend bridges with morons.  That is Obama’s gig.  I am a filmmaker and a writer – I don’t have the same constraints.  In fact, I would submit my job description actually requires the exact opposite of restraint.  It would be a lot more fun too.

My mother gave me the admonition about having nothing nice to say, so this should explain why I will choose to say nothing at all to some people on this site moving forward.

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye Twenty-Three Percenters

  • loki redux

    I just reread…and I am so sorry. It reads like you may have actually been crying when you wrote this. Again, so sorry. In addition to and “ignore” button, you might also benefit from a “super sensitive” button?


  • JasonEverettMiller

    The very first comment proves my point. Awesome. I have yet to respond to any of this Loki’s remarks. The person on the other end of that computer doesn’t sound stable and I should probably not push them any further over the edge.

  • loki redux

    Dancing in the end zone after scoring the winning touchdown giving the finger to the opposing team is simply bad form.

    In your last two posts you’ve been demeaning, insulting, rude, employed name calling, etc…

    All the things you were criticising Hillary supporters of. Seriously.

    I’m one of the snarkiest members in this forum, I admit it. But I only go after sanctimonious, cry babies or obnoxious, sore winners. You have comported yourself in a manner that suggests you don’t deserve much more.

    That is all.


    • JasonEverettMiller

      At least this post is approaching an honest explanation of your view of things. That you would see anything I wrote in that manner says more about you than it does about me.

  • Guest Observer

    Òne can not know if there are people intending to act as diversion forces in a information warfare /psychological operation.

    But that thought may help oneself to restraint, making it easier to avoid getting provoked.

    • JasonEverettMiller

      Since the only two possible explanations for the comments I am referring are agent provocateur or total idiot, leaving those comments alone no matter who they are coming from accomplishes the ends of not giving aid to the RNC (and DLC)tactics of divide and conquer.

    • Dave Keehn


      But even responding here is a distraction. It is more words concentrating on the divide between (presumed) fellow Dems and not on McSame.

      Recently I’ve had the pleasure to sit next to Hillary supporters at the County level and Congressional District level conventions. I’ve been almost child like in waving of my Obama sign and stomping my feet, just as they have in turn waved, chanted and enthusiastically followed the Hillary “pep team”. BUT, as I sat and talk with them I did not have animosity toward them and, I believe the same goes for them.

      So, to the extent that I believe Obama has the qualities and skills to be a better President, our fellow Democrats may feel the same about Hillary.

      They are NOT our “enemy.”

      Let’s focus on what matters and be positive!

      • JasonEverettMiller

        I sort of agree.

        I don’t even think it is a divide, since we are clearly talking about a small slice of the electorate at best. Most supporters for both candidates are on the same page – elect a democrat in November. No other consideration even comes close in importance. The rest is policy details that won’t be ironed out in the Oval Office anyway.

        I also don’t think that it is useless to specifically call out these tactics and dismiss them moving forward. I think a lot of people are convinced that the “divide” isn’t nearly so large as a committed group of angry people would have us believe.

        I totally agree with focusing on staying positive.

        That is my candidate’s message and is the main reason I ferreted out the cause behind my last remaining negativity. I have to either not comment to obnoxious people at all or risk pissing more Hillary supporters off. I would prefer to ignore the former and concentrate on joining the latter in winning the November election.

    • kolinski

      Agit prop? I suspect that’s true for No Quarter, and I don’t recall the level of nastiness existing in any prior Democratic nomination contest — so it is suspicious, and I’ve noted it before. I go back a long ways, too.