A Governing Majority

We are seeing something this year that has been long anticipated but never fully realized in a modern America. The last time a governing majority came together in this country was under FDR. He served four terms and forever altered the destiny of a nation.

The threat of the Soviet Union held us together in the years following the New Deal, through Korea and Civil Rights and Vietnam. At the same time, state governments directed national guard forces to fire on American citizens and suspended civil liberties throughout American cities. LBJ championed landmark legislation to help level the playing field at the federal level while forces of hate brought the hammer down even harder.

For the last 40 years, our country has become more divided and easier to control. We have been turned from informed citizens into mindless consumers. We didn’t hear too much in the news on May 4th this year, but that was the 38th anniversary of American troops killing four American students at Kent State. Where is our outrage? Where did our memories go? Has the social compact outlined in the Constitution completely broken down since 1968? Is that all it took – treats, toys and time? Bread and Circus indeed.

Our long-simmering discontent has been turned into hope this year by a transformational candidate for president.

Barack Obama describes a governing majority for the first time in the last 60 years of American politics. A motivated electorate consisting of republicans, democrats and independents designing a strategy for a modern and forward-thinking America based on common sense and best practices from around the globe. This silent majority will elect Barack in November and give him a filibuster-proof Congress.

The real work begins in January 2009.

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